2. Aoudad

A. Doug and Bill and "Jack".
Doug and Bill had long talked about how sleeping under the stars was better than being in the cabin. So one mild evening they packed a tarp, cooler and Coleman stove in the jeep and headed for the back side of the lease. Time slipped away as they sat in the open jeep solving the problems of the world and trying to determine if the flavor of Jack Daniels Black improved as the level approached the bottom of the bottle. They finally put out their sleeping bags and went to sleep. A bit after midnight the moon rose so bright it woke them. Only by covering their faces could they sleep. Not so early the next morning they were sitting in the jeep, having coffee and rolls, when they noticed three deer moving up the south canyon wall 400 or 500 yards away. A quick scan with binoculars showed they weren't deer, but three aoudad. The slick headed one was a ewe for sure. One was a fairly well horned ram. The third was either a young ram or a more mature ewe, since it had horns about a foot long. After the three moved out of sight over the hill, the guys went across the valley and got a close look at the tracks. They were absolutely not deer. Later, back at the cabin, no one believed they spotted aoudad. Later on of the fellows looked in the cooler and found the empty jack bottle.

"Here's the aoudad finder! It's a wonder they didn't see elephants and bears." From then on the standard follow-up to the sighting of anything out of the ordinary was "How much Jack did it take to see that?"

B. Confirmation
Those two took a lot of ribbing about seeing aoudads on the place. EB told them that several ranches within five or ten miles did have some exotics, maybe aoudad. A few months later, Doug and Ralph were out checking feeders and Ralph had taken his .50 caliber "smokepole". As they cleared the treeline about 80 yards from Bill's feeder below the ridge they saw a red animal at the feeder and it saw them. Before they could stop, and Ralph unlimber his rifle, it took off. But both men got a good look at the shaggy-bearded and well horned aoudad ram. Doug and Bill were vindicated on their tall tale, but the joking still comes up from some of the old time members.

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