The Beginnings

This hunting group, although many had hunted before joining, probably started with Doug. He owned an archery shop and he and Ralph bow hunted together, with other friends, in several places in Texas and New Mexico. The first Texas lease for those two was located by Ralph and Bob. It was a bow lease first and later opened to guns. Several people came to be on the place and in time Ralph and Bob went to Lometa with bows while Bill and Patrick went to Winters with rifles. Later all came back to the Price ranch. Through all of the times, everyone was fortunate to have a few experienced hunters there. As earlier said, some were experienced hunters when they came to the group, but Doug and Cotton were the most experienced and showed the new hunters a lot. Most of what some of us know now came from their association with the lease. A few new hunters already "knew everything" and got no arguments from the old hands. But even they got help when their book experience steered them wrong. In between there were other leases, guest hunts, more guests and individual hunts. The real stories here are about friends and fun, more than the places.

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You'll see headings with no story. They haven't been written yet. I'm waiting to talk to the guys that were there.

If you remember any details better than are written, email the edited text to me. If your recollection may not be accurate, join the club. (-CRS-)

Accuracy should be just a bit less important than a good tale.


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