Kathy has always said that there should
have been a log of all the things that happened at the hunting lease.
When Doug and Ralph said the same thing the summer of 2005
I decided to reconstruct it as best I could.

The sequence is not worked out and you'll see that there are notes for things yet to be written and requests for more information.
Past and present Lease Members can contact me for more information

-- Bill 


The Beginnings How the group evolved.
Around the Cabins The day to day
Camp Philosophy Pithy stuff.
Skunks, Coons, Possums, Cats, Ringtails, Armadillos, Jackrabbits, Coyotes, Etc.
Almost all of the collateral critters

Snakes, Cows and Other Damn Nuisances Most of the rest of them.
Shooting Just what it says
Kids and Guests And maybe Murphy and his laws
Deer How we find them, and How they find us
Turkeys By, about and for
Pig Tales Just what it says
Aoudads North African sheep
Dove Hunting when you really get to shoot
Tricks, pranks and such Fun and games
Work parties and stands An interactive game
Vehicles Their care and feeding
Neighbors Everybody's got 'em
Sleepin' and otherwise Some places you should and couldn't and vice versa
Hell! My buffalos ain't got no wings! Wings on the lease
The Old Places ... and seeing them change
Being in Texas There are a few left