12. Work Parties and Stands

A. ... I've got a good group of hunters this time.
One of the first projects on the Price lease was to set up barrels for target butts and fill them with rocks. EB was asked for the best place to get rocks so he guided us to several rows of rocks in the middle the fields. We loaded them in the truck as it was slowly driven along until we gathered the several loads needed to fill the barrels. Later when dove hunting with some of EB's friends they told us of how he'd having such a good group of hunters this time that they not only closed the gates but paid thousands of dollars to clear the field of rock.

B. Moving stands ... zipp!!
Doug and Bill had picked up a couple of stands when they were on Mickey's place. They'd loaded them on the top of Cyclops with the platforms to the rear and started back to the house along a road that skirted the edge of some live oaks. As they neared one spot they started looking for the cactus that was growing eight or so feet up in the crotch of of a tree. It takes very little to entertain some people. Then there was a loud, rapid, clack! Clack! Clack! Claick! It sounded like a big zipper. They stopped the truck and looked in back. There were splintered camo 1x4 pieces in the bed. The stand legs were fine, but the rungs were gone. A snag hanging down from a branch had caught the center if the bottom rung of the lower stand and unzipped the rungs of both stands for five or six feet. Fortunately they'd stopped the truck before the snag reached the platforms. If they'd only known what was going to happen it would have been a lot more entertaining to watch than the airborne cactus.

C. Filling feeders... The monkey's here... Where's the football?
There was a feeder placed several hundred yards east of the end of the open end of the meadows across the creek. To fill it corn had to be carried across a deep cut and in to the woods. The rationale for the feeder was to temp buck hiding in the tangle below the buzzard Stand to the feeder and take them with either a handgun or muzzleloader. Ralph, Doug and Bill tended the feeder. That was when Cyclops was used ti fill the feeders and the lease didn't have a step ladder. It was originally filled using a sectional ladder from an aluminum stand. It work just fine but the stand was later used and the ladder was no longer available. The new plan was to use ropes strung back and forth between the leg bolts of the feeder to form a, shaky, but climbable ladder, much like those used on landing craft. They got there with the corn and rope and strung it up. Ralph climbed up the slings and had a hell of a time keeping his balance. He ended up with his Arms and legs wrapped around the feeder barrel and unable to move. By then his struggling was, at least, comical, at least to the two on the ground. The work collapsed entirely when on of the guys on the ground asked if the others remembered the old joke about looking like a monkey trying to make love to a football? Then Ralph was stuck to the barrel and the two on the ground had fallen down laughing. That eventually led to buying a ladder for the lease.

Building stands
Is that 1/32" or 1/64"? Opinions are like noses; everybody has one.

E. You don't have to be asleep to fall off of stands

1. Dennis
2. Ralph?

F. What did Phil want?
Some stories come to us from the outside. People on the outside aren't always familiar with the finer points of lease negotiation although they do, sometimes, have insight in resolving things. One year the project included wiring the cabin. Phil was ramrodding the job and told Bill that on the next trip to town be sure to pickup a couple more boxes for outlets. The next trip found Doug and Bill after a few items at the Lampasas hardware store. They had found all of the things on their list and were now looking for the boxes Phil wanted. The sales girl followed them to a long row of electrical boxes. Bill looked at the prices, pulled out two and was brought to a halt by Doug.
"Are you sure those are the ones Phil wants?"
"All he said was two boxes. I'm going to get the cheapest."
"Did he want plastic or metal."
"All he said was two boxes."
"There's a difference."
"He said two boxes."
"Deep or shallow?"
"Just two Boxes."
"OK. Interior or exterior? There IS a difference!"
"Two Boxes!"
About then the sales girl asked if they were mad at each other.
"Nope. Why?"
"Well, it sounds like either you two're mad at each other or married."
"These two boxes'll do just fine."

G. Misunderstanding at Gillen's

H. Naming stands
The Fruit Stand, The Battery Stand, Below The battery Stand, Perry's box, The East Meadow, Jack's Box, The Buzzard Stand, The Preacher's Stand, The Bottom Stand, The Box at the Wire Gap, Dan's Box ... there were Two, Hal's, The Black Box, The Box Where the Black Box Used to Be, End of the Ridge, Bob's in the Back, Elevated in the back, The Tin box, The East Field, The Middle Field, The West Field, The Tripod

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