We have birthday pictures from forever.
We will work backward to get as many online as possible.

Lindsay's 16th birthday - 2006  A pretty special time!
Jeanne's Birthday - 2006  Everyone came to Bobby and Lela's.
Kathy's Suprise Birthday - 2006  It was a suprise and was a credit to our daughters, who put it all together.
Kede's Birthday - 2006  Our good friend's daughter.
Mae's Birthday - 2005  A big get-togrther in Kileen
Kathy's Second Birthday - 2005  The family from Killeen came up to celebrate
Darin's 40th Birthday - 2005  A fiesta style Birthday
Bruce's 50th Birthday - 2005  Lots of people, food and fun
April - 2005  These Seven Birthdays were not celebrated until June!
Kathy, Debbie, Tony, Irene, Jan, Collin and Jessica ... Thanks, Bill

Lucille's Birthday in Dallas - 2005  Really, it's Lucille's and her nephew Charles Harding's birthday.
January - 2005  Actually December through February
Part of Lindsay's 14th Birthday - 2004  Pictures from Lindsay's "Second" party, for the family and adults..
February and March - 2004  The party at Shelly's. Jainie was there.