This begins with the trip for Zack's graduation get-together in July.
That was the only chance for us to see Irene and all of her daughters and their families in one place this year..
The balance is from later in the year and later events.


Northern Wisconsin Photos A few extra pictures.
Bayfield Trip, Sunday - 2005 Pat and Gary took Mom and Kathy on a two day trip to Bayfield. Leaves, apples golf and good campany.
Bayfield Trip, Monday - 2005 Additional Photos
The Sister's Bayfield Trip - 2005 The Three sisters and Kathy made a second trip to Bayfield and to Mark and Kathy's cabin.
The Morleys and Cytackis, 2004
Dave and Lynn's cabin at Three Lakes, WI. July 2004 The party for Zack and a couple of extra days later in the week.
Mike and Kim's at Three Lakes, 2004  A great cabin form the 1930's with family ties.
Eagle River and the North Woods, 2004 Pat and Gary have us over for Pizza and Fireworks. And the next day a trip to the North woods
Rockford and St Charles, 2004 Melissa's last game with her long-time friends. Also our visit with Bob & Deb.
Thanksgiving trip to Eagle River, 2004 We stopped in Arkansas and picked up Lucille to join us at the family Thanksgiving in Eagle River.