Old Kelsey Family Photos
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Mary Rachel Veal and her friend, Ivy Williams. This was about a year and a half before marrying William Herbert Kelsey. The back of this photo postcard says: “Rachel Veal age 16 yr 5 mo 15 days Ivy Williams age 17yr 5 mo 21 days” Myrtle Cook Veal and grandson William Herbert Kelsey, Jr. About 1916. William Herbert Kelsey, Jr.. About 1918. Mary lucille Kelsey, Eugene Jeanette Kelsey and William Herbert Kelsey, Jr. About 192??. D r. Rocket ( Lone Star Cement Company doctor) and family with William Herbert Kelsey, Jr. second from right, and William Herbert Kelsey, Sr. far right.
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Gladys Louise Kelsey. A little afraid of the water. About Gladys Louise Kelsey Partlow and James Penn Partlow. Seven weeks old. Mary Rachel Kelsey and ???William Herbert kelsey, Jr. I think this must be a later child ... She looks older than in 1916. Bill Gladys Louise Kelsey. house at 1203 Walmsley. About 193??. Donald Paul Kelsey, Grand father Ernest Andrew Crouch and John Robert Kelsey, Jr.
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James Penn Partlow and Tommy Partlow. About195?? Eunice Kelsey Larrimer and her mother, Idella Jeanette Kelsey.. Mother’s Day, May 10, 1942. Idella Jeanette Kelsey. Her children and grandchildren all called her “Miss Dilly”. Idella Jeanette Kelsey, grandson John Kelsey Larrimer, Eugene Kelsey and daughter, Eunice Kelsey Larrimer. Mother’s Day, May 10, 1942. Eugene Kelsey and Idella Jeanette Kelsey. “Wasn’t he dapper?”