These are mostly family trips and visits.

Sandra visits cousins In mid August Sandy came for a short visit. We all needed it.
Enchanted Rock trip - 2005 Nancy and Kathy took Mae, Bailey and the twins for a repeat climb. This time it was mid August and a bit hotter. They all want to do it again!
Enchanted Rock trip - 2004 We took Mae and the twins away from Friday night until Sunday midday for Lindsay's 14th Birthday Party. We went to Enchanted Rock and not to the Party!.
Matagorda Texas, August 2004 The summer house with Sara, the grandkids and friends.
The Moblys - 2004 One of Kathy and Tony's trips ... plus shots of the boys.
Trip from New Braunfels to Florida and back - March 2004 Kathy and Susan take Irene to Elaine's in Florida and come back to New Braunfels.


New Braunfels

Chrissie and Peter